Management Philosophy

1. Tireless pursuit of an enviromentally friendly, sustainable business model

2. Protect best interests of customers, employees and shareholders while maintaining a prosperous co-existence with local communities

Our company is not simply aiming to grow larger (i.e. to be a BIG company), rather we are striving to for growth in the quality of our work (i.e. rather, a GOOD company).

1) Using the environment as a keyword, we continue to produce a business approach that will make waves in the industry. Also, more than simply "selling things", we try to provide true value to our customers. To this extent, we have to go further with our service than other companies would want, or would even think about. Moreover, we will continue to grow our business using the environment as a base for innovation.

2) We strengthen the quality of our business when we can work with environmental standards.

3) With the cultivation of good workers, we can help expand global environmental awareness .From the top level of management to each individual worker, if we take this seriously we can combine our abilities, thus raising our strength, to achieve our cause (which is something that neither academic ability, charisma, nor even business skill of any one person can compare with)

4) From the entire global community to each individual customer, we strive every day to be a company that one day people say "We need this company"